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Packautomatic packs it

A company stands or falls on the quality of its products and its flexibility in the market.

Delivery times are getting shorter while ever-increasing quality standards demand solutions that though tried and tested are also constantly adjusting to and surpassing the requirements of today's industrial production.

Standard solutions simply won't do. Today's market demands plants whose tiniest details are tailor-made to the requirements of individual clients - from the project idea to after-sale-service.

The user gets what he wants: A guarantee that his machine will be on hand and cost-effective.

That is our guarantee for all types of packaging: shrinking foil, sealed, adhesive paper, folded or sticky cardboard etc. etc. The range of possibilities is almost endless. Whatever the product we can supply the right transport packaging.

Handling machines ensure that goods are properly lifted, grouped stacked and/or positioned during the weighing or computer logging process.

Packautomatic solutions ensure that your cartons are correctly loaded and your palettes loaded and unloaded. Paper sheets are automatically separated. Planks, plates, panels, etc. are sorted. Quality control is automatic and naturally, the products are labelled and bar-coded.