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Film rolls packed automatically
The customer - The product

Since 1980, the French company HEXIS has been one of the leading producers of printable PVC film for in and outdoors use in the production of signs, packaging, labels etc.
The groundwork for products that have to stand up to the roughest environmental conditions are laid in their own development department where they are able to supply those products in over 280 different colours. Finished products are put together on carrier rolls of widely varying length and diameter.

The Task - The Target

A HEXIS production hall has 5 machines that produce a wide range of roll formats.
Packing the finished products in the shortest time possible would require a packing solution that could automatically pack the film rolls without the need to retool.
The aim was to ensure a continuous workflow that would considerably enhance production efficiency.

The solution

Packautomatic has developed a new packing machine, the CAO4 that can perfectly pack these different rolls. The plant has a high level of automation capable of producing from 10-20 roll per minute depending on size.
Film rolls ranging in length from 380 to 2000 mm and in diameter from 60 to 250 mm can be handled.

From the original roll to the fully assembled palette, the machine automatically handles all the logistics of the packing process.

30 First step: on leaving production, a conveyor belt transfers the film roll to the packing machine.

Bild29 At this stage, the CAO4 can already be fed with different sized rolls.

Bild13 Second step: The product is sent to the banding station where a film is led through a folding mechanism. The flat film is formed into an endless loop and its overlapping ends heat-sealed with hot air.

Finally, the lateral film overhangs are reaped and inserted into the core casing.

Bild22 Bild23

Bild24 When packed, parallel stations insert two square plastic stops.
Depending on the length of the roll, this step can be fully automatic.

There are two packing lines allowing two different stop sizes to be processed simultaneously.
The product is then put into cartons from endless lengths of carton material on palettes. Using computer-controlled technology, the cartons are cut according to the roll format and put over the roll.

Bild17 Bild18

The carton is then sealed with cold or hot glue to prevent its opening in hot climates.

Bild19 The last step sees a computer-controlled grip removing the roll from the machine and stacking it on a palette.

Bild21 By the way: the computer controlling the Packautomatic Cao4 is a state-of-the-art Siemens Simatic SPS.