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Packautomatic optimizes rubber packing for LANXESS

LANXESS, a world-leading supplier of synthetic rubber contracted Packautomatic, from Ennepetal, Germany to develop and produce a packaging machine for its LANXESS Buna GmbH subsidiary in the Chemistry Park in Marl.

The plant was commissioned in early 2007.A conveyor system automatically feeds the rubber, which is compressed into a bale, from production to the packaging machine.
Prior to vulcanization, rubber is fluid and can change its volume if affected by temperature and pressure. So, first the individual bale is heat-sealed in foil. Next, they reach the so-called crate filler where each rubber bale is put into a cardboard frame. This prevents the rubber from flowing out, and provides for optimal pressure distribution.

B1.jpg Finally, the product is formatted, i.e. five bales are laid on cardboard, in each case two crosswise and three lengthwise. The bonding of cardboard and frame provides protection when stacking the rubber bales, whereby the pressure of the next layer is caught from above.
A grip now takes the rubber bale and puts into it into a waiting packing case. To protect the commodity during transport, sturdy cardboard is inserted between each layer of rubber bales. Designed to work automatically right round the clock, Packautomatic's packaging machine is extremely flexible. It cannot only process different bale sizes but also different kinds of rubber. The advantages of the new machine are obvious:

Bale grouting under pressure has been optimized enabling the customer to process his rubber faster and more cost efficiently. Bales and the primary packing used to be in danger of damage from grips. The new grip is gentler.
Machine availability is higher, maintenance costs considerably lower.
Upshot: Pack faster, more securely and more flexibly.

B1.jpg With 16,500 workers in 18 countries and a 2006 turnover of 6.94 billion, LANXESS AG is a leading supplier of chemicals in Europe. The company has about 50 sites around the globe. LANXESS core business includes development, production and selling of chemicals, rubber and plastics.