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GB 580
- multi-functional packing machine for baby diapers

The number and range of baby diapers on offer is amazing. Apart from the different sizes, there are also a variety of packing dimensions required.

The GB 580 packing machine was developed to make changeover times extremely short and as efficient as possible when converting between different packing sizes.

Following production, the diaper batch goes from the conveyer belt to a turning station where it pivots 90 depending on the shape.

At the next station, the batch is turned vertically 90 and isolated according to the dimensions of the individual diaper packs.

One customer stipulated that diverse types of packaging should be realizable. In this case, the machine is able to put up to 2 lines alongside and two tiers above each other.
The so-called pusher sends the diaper pack to a collection palette, which is then shunted into the sealing station.

A foil curtain is now pulled over the diaper pack and cleanly heat-sealed all the way round.

The residue foil strips at the side are automatically vacuumed away to prevent blockage. Thus, the sealing station can work round the clock and does not have to stop for cleaning breaks.

Finally, each unit produced is logged for logistical purposes by providing each pack with a bar-coded label.

The finished pack then leaves the packing machine and is sent along an outlet belt for further processing.
With a capacity of up to 45 diaper packs per minute, this fully automatic packing machine can be operated 24/7 almost without personnel.

The advantages of this Packautomatic packing solution are more than persuasive.

The fully automatic plant was designed to heat-seal the diaper packs without the need of prefabricated bags.

Repetitively high-standard packing quality, low maintenance, variable packing sizes, compact dimensions and fast, easy changeover to other packing formats - the Packautomatic GB 580 packing machine is the ideal solution to your packing problems.