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Compact packaging solution for adhesive foil rolls

Adhesive tape rolls are among the products that are needed every day in large numbers.

In order to optimize their transport and handling as well as to ensure surface protection right down to the core, Packautomatic has developed a semi-automatic solution - the packing machine BANDRO 200. ..

The machine is designed to pack rolls individually.

First, the tape rolls are manually mounted onto the arbor, which is adjusted to the required interior diameter ensuring a secure fit for the rolls.

When the product has been mounted on the arbor, the loading unit pivots 90 to the tape roll station where the next empty arbor can be loaded.

In the production section the products are wrapped by a foil curtain, which is made by two flat foils. Now the ends of these two foils are shrunken, and the end of the welds are cut by a knife.

In the tape roll station; the batch goes through a foil curtain comprising two flat foils where the ends are heat-sealed while foil oscillations maintain tension in the foil curtain.

The foil curtain is then heat-sealed to the tape roll and separated between the welding seams with the aid of a saw-toothed blade.

The next stage in the process is where the foil tape roll is cleanly and tightly shrunk into the product batch.

The foil accurately overlaps the product edges above and below giving an attractive shrink-wrapping.
When the labeling is complete, the packed rolls can be removed.

Machines in the BANDRO series are not only able to pack the most widely varying roll forms efficiently and cleanly but products such as grinding disks as well.