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Alameda: Packautomatic automatically packs paper rolls

Goebel Schneid- und Wickelsysteme is a leading producer of slitter winder machines. Its product range includes slitter winders for the processing of paper, plastic and metal foils.

Developed and produced at home base, the machines are built to meet the toughest requirements of production and the highest in reliability. They are used for the processing of the finest paper up to thick cardboard.

Packautomatic has developed a new packaging automat to perfectly pack each type of roll. It can adapt flexibly, fast and efficiently to the widely differing production specifications.

Packautomatic's packing concept automates the packing procedure for different size and quality paper and foil rolls.   From the original roll to the finished pallet, the machine automatically masters all packing procedure logistics.   First the paper roll is introduced to and centered over a conveyor in the packaging machine and provided with a bar code on the inside of the core casing.  

In the next step the product is carried into the band roll station, where the roll is drawn through a foil curtain and finally heat-sealed.  

The lateral foil overhangs are then reaped and inserted into the core casing.   Subsequently, the core casing is laterally fixed with plastic potting, which is automatically fed to the correct position.

The product is then fitted into the suitable carton that is taken from stock...

... and opened over each roll.

It is then conveyed to the next station where the cardboard flaps are folded inward and/or affixed with hot or cold glue.

  Before the packed roll leaves the machine, it is provided with a bar code label.   Last but not least, a programmed gripper takes the roll out of the machine and stacks it on a pallet.

Prospectus: Packautomatic automatically packs paper rolls (pdf size: 4,5 MB)